Gabby Dining Chair

Gabby Dining Chair offers two essential things for the dining room. The first thing is beauty. It has a beautiful design that emphasizes its material, Mahogany Wood. Then, it uses Black Doff Finish, which creates an artistic vibe for the dining room. The accent-free design is also suitable for a modern dining room. The other thing is comfort. For this purpose, this chair uses Polyester Fabric material. This material is suitable for any upholstery that you put on it. With this chair, you can have a comfortable and hearty meal time with your entire family members. So, this chair must be around in every family house.


Additional information

Size ( W x D x H )

54,5 x 55 x 73,5 cm




Mahogany Wood


Black Matte Finish


Color choice of custom made wooden furniture

Gabby Dining Chair

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