Lavelle Stool

Lavelle stool looks stunning because of its model and color. It is a simple stool made of teak wood frame. The teak wood frame perfectly and safely holds the pillow stool and your body. It also uses a natural finish to expose the appealing wood texture and hue.
For the comfort, this stool uses the best polyester fabric. The volume of the stool is last longer even after sitting there for a few months or years. Due to the model, Lavelle stool is great for all home interior designs. You can also put this stool outdoor while enjoying the surrounding. It is also okay if you want to take a nap in this stool.


Additional information

Size ( W x D x H )

178 x 74 x 46 cm






Teak Wood, Polyester Fabric


Natural Finish


Color choice of custom made wooden furniture

Lavelle Stool

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